Ted Ventures helps entrepreneurs and established companies grow startups.

Plant your startup in the right place,
nurture it well, and watch it thrive.

Expertise in advanced enterprise software and complex manufacturing across several industries and markets.

Some of Ted Ventures’ work …

VC-Backed Startup

Cloud ERP Software
Complex Manufacturing

  • Partner with founder/CEO
  • Prepare investor pitch decks
  • Initiate strategic partner talks

Corporate Startup

Graph Database Software
Intelligence and Defense

  • Partner with CEO & team
  • Develop strategic partnerships
  • Engage early adopter customers

Established Company

Analytics Software
Fortune 500 Customers

  • Partner with founder/CEO
  • Interview enterprise customers
  • Develop growth strategy

Corporate Startup

Solar Design Software
Equipment Manufacturer

  • Partner with founder/CEO
  • Assess state of tech and startup
  • Recommend strategy

Academic Health Center

Healthcare Software

  • Advise technology licensing team
  • Advise inventor and team
  • Recommend next steps

Private Equity Firm

Tech Manufacturing
Acquisition Candidates

  • Collaborate with PE firm principals
  • Establish ties with owners
  • Evaluate investment opportunities

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